Subway Validation Results for Sweden

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City Subway Lines Light Rail Lines Stations Interchanges Unused Entrances
Stockholm Y J M sub: 7 / 7 lr: 0 / 0 st: 152 / 152 int: 2 / 2 ent: 1
ℹ️ Notices
32 unused stations: n1354203309, n1723333457, n240364135, n245415815, n245415816, n245415819, n245416833, n31493912, n31493940, n31494656, n31494680, n31494694, n31494703, n31494737, n31494789, n31495130, n31495467, n31495484, n31495501, n31495563, ...
1 subway entrances are not connected to a station: n9754208560
1 subway entrances are not in stop_area relations: n9754208560