Subway Validation Results for Egypt

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City Subway Lines Light Rail Lines Stations Interchanges Unused Entrances
Cairo Y J M sub: 3 / 3 lr: 1 / 1 st: 90 / 90 int: 5 / 5 ent: 1
⚠️ Warnings
Hole in route rails near node n8953945531 (relation 14350100, "القطار الكهربائي الخفيف")
ℹ️ Notices
91 unused stations: n1029624589, n1029624628, n1039233382, n1039310348, n1039313722, n1039990521, n1040778821, n1041037218, n10567093678, n10567179352, n10567211879, n10568031086, n10568095900, n10570203390, n10570217538, n10570274721, n10570283368, n10576081351, n10576295355, n10576295383, ...
1 subway entrances are not connected to a station: n2265685736
1 subway entrances are not in stop_area relations: n2265685736